Dating Etiquette: the Lost Art of Social Manners

Dick pics. Sexting. Booty Calls. DTF (down to fuck). Let me see your tits…what the hell happened here? I get it…we are grown ass adults and many people feel they should be upfront with what they want in dating. BUT we all aren’t like this…trust me…so please feel the waters out first before you decide to send unsolicited dick pics. 

A lot of us, well probably most of us singles, have tried a dating app or two. While I do know a few people who have successfully found their mate online…there were a lot of frogs to go through before they found their Prince Charming. So I commend the profiles who are honest about their intentions…NSA sex, FWB only, hook ups only, etc. but for those who are not listing these explicit and say they are interested in meeting someone and potentially find a mate…can we please use our manners???? 

For some, like myself…I like to message or talk on the phone a few times before meeting. Others want to meet immediately. I’ve been told that if someone doesn’t want to meet immediately, they’re probably a scam or a catfish. I’m neither, I just want to get a good vibe first. I don’t want to waste my time or theirs if I’m not feeling it thru messaging or on the phone. I like funny people and witty, you can usually get a sense of this. Plus I’m not down to fuck, and I don’t want dick pics…I don’t care how hot you are and how great you are on paper…obscene texts or messages asking if I like big dicks or saying my lips look like I give good blow jobs are NOT flattering or enticing. But hey, that’s just me. And these types of messages usually surface after a few exchanges. I’d rather have to encounter this ill mannered behavior via messaging than in person. LoL. I’m not uptight, or a prude by any means…but most likely if you send me a dick pic, I’m probably going to show all of my friends so we can laugh about what a sorry ass sicko you are…I’m just saying to have some manners for chrissakes, you perverted muthatrucker. LOL. 


One thought on “Dating Etiquette: the Lost Art of Social Manners

  1. MzJoGo says:

    I really enjoyed the way you layed out your boundaries. It’s just a sad day when women have to remind men to be… gentlemen.


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